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PixelMath is an image-processing software environment. It offers three interfaces: the Calculator, the Formula Page, and Python programming.

It is written in Java, and the current version of PixelMath requires a version of Java 1.6 or later, up to Java 11, but not later than 11. (Under Java 16, the Calculator Compute button will not operate, and the Python Buffer Execution will not operate.) PixelMath runs on Windows, Macintosh OS/X, and Linux. (Builds of Java 11 for Windows, Mac, and Linux are available free of charge from Microsoft at

PixelMath is distributed as a jar file (Java archive). Under Windows, you can usually start PixelMath by double-clicking on the file. In some environments, you may have to specify the main Java class to start the program; the main class is pmpython.PixelMathApplication. PixelMath is copyrighted by the University of Washington, 2015. The use of PixelMath is provided free of charge for non-commercial educational purposes.

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